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Announcing Knip v3

Published: 2023-10-15

Lots of new users got introduced to Knip, coming with clear bug reports, helpful insights, superb reproductions and great suggestions this year. You’re all a friendly and helpful bunch! Recently I’ve opened a Discord channel where more communication, collaboration, ideas and updates are happening: feel free to join The Knip Barn!

Today, Knip has over 140k weekly downloads on npm, almost 4000 stars on GitHub, and over 500 repositories using it. While numbers are just numbers, they do add to the positive feedback I’m receiving daily. Everything combined makes me think I’m on the right track which is very motivating to keep working on Knip.

So… What’s Been Cooking Lately?

  • Migration to a monorepo setup
  • This very website built with Starlight 🌟
  • Extended documentation for just about everything
  • Improved JSON reporter for external integrations (e.g. GitHub Action)
  • Some breaking changes, but you probably don’t need to make any changes

Breaking Changes

A major bump comes with breaking changes, but most likely no changes necessary on your end:

  • Removed support for Node.js v16, Knip v3 requires at least Node.js v18.6
  • Simplified exit codes
  • Production mode now includes types by default (add --exclude types for previous behavior)
  • Removed --ignore-internal flag; @internal exports ignored in production mode now
  • The --debug-file-filter flag is removed
  • The jsonExt reporter is now the default JSON reporter (the previous one is gone)
  • Moved typescript to peerDependencies (requires >=5.0.4)


Try out the latest Knip v3 release today!

Terminal window
npm install -D knip

Remember, Knip it before you ship it! Have a great day ☀️

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