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Getting Started


Knip v5 requires Node.js v18.6 or higher. Or Bun.


The recommended way to install Knip is by using your package manager:

Terminal window
npm install -D knip typescript @types/node

Knip uses typescript and @types/node as peer dependencies to increase compatibility with your project (they are likely already in your node_modules anyway).

Add a knip script to your package.json:

"name": "my-project",
"scripts": {
"knip": "knip"

Run Knip

Now you can run Knip to lint your project:

Terminal window
npm run knip

Knip will lint your project and output unused files, dependencies and exports.

Without Installation

Alternatively, try Knip without adding it to your project:

Terminal window
npx knip

ISC License © 2024 Lars Kappert