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Getting Started


Knip v5 requires Node.js v18.6 or higher. Or Bun.


This is the easiest and recommended way to install Knip:

Terminal window
npm init @knip/config

Now you can run Knip to lint your project:

Terminal window
npm run knip

Knip will lint your project and report unused files, dependencies and exports.

You can skip the rest of this page and go to configuration.


Alternatively, you can manually install Knip using your package manager:

Terminal window
npm install -D knip typescript @types/node

Knip uses typescript and @types/node as peer dependencies to increase compatibility with your project. No worries, they’re probably in your node_modules already.

Then add a knip script to your package.json:

"name": "my-project",
"scripts": {
"knip": "knip"

Without installation

To run Knip without adding it to your project:

Terminal window
npx knip

In this scenario typescript and @types/node are expected to be installed already.

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