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Overview of features supported by Knip (A-Z):

NameDescription or example
Auto-fixUse --fix to auto-fix issues
CacheUse --cache to speed up consecutive runs
CommonJSJavaScript is just fine
Compilers (built-in/custom)Support for Astro, MDX, Vue, etc.
DebugUse --debug for troubleshooting
FiltersExclude or focus on specific issue types
JSDoc tagsMake exceptions for exports
Monorepos (package-based/integrated)Workspaces are first-class citizen
PerformanceUse --performance for detailed timing insights
PluginsOver 60 plugins with custom entry paths and config parsing
PreprocessorsPreprocess issues before being reported
Production modeUse --production to lint only production code
Reporters (built-in/custom)Use a custom --reporter ./custom-output.ts
RulesExclude or focus on issue types
Script parserScripts contain dependencies and entry paths
TraceTrace exports to find where they are used
Watch modeUse --watch to update the reporter on file changes
WorkspaceLint only a single workspace in a monorepo

ISC License © 2024 Lars Kappert