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Release Notes v2


Breaking changes

When coming from v1, there are no breaking changes in terms of configuration.


There are some changes regarding CLI arguments and output:

  • Knip now runs on every [workspace][1] automatically (except for the ones in ignoreWorkspaces: []).
  • The “Unlisted or unresolved dependencies” is split in “Unlisted dependencies” and “Unresolved imports”.
  • Bug fixes and increased correctness impact output (potentially causing CI to now succeed or fail).

New features

Rewriting a major part of Knip’s core from scratch allows for some new exciting features:

  • Performance. Files are read only once, and their ASTs are traversed only once. Projects of any size will notice the difference. Total running time for some projects decreases with 90%.
  • Compilers. You can now include other file types such as .mdx, .vue and .svelte in the analysis.

Internally, the ts-morph dependency is replaced by typescript itself.

Other improvements

  • Improved support for workspaces.
  • Improved module resolutions, self-referencing imports, and other things you don’t want to worry about.
  • Configure ignoreDependencies and ignoreBinaries at the workspace level.
  • Simplified plugins model: plugin dependency finder may now return any type of dependency in a single array: npm packages, local workspace packages, local files, etc. (module and path resolution are handled outside the plugin).
  • Many bugfixes.

ISC License © 2024 Lars Kappert