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Migration to v1


When coming from version v0.13.3 or before, there are some breaking changes:

  • The entryFiles and projectFiles options have been renamed to entry and project.
  • The --dev argument and dev: true option are gone, this is now the default mode (see production mode).
  • Workspaces have been moved from the root of the config to the workspaces key (see workspaces).
  • The --dir argument has been renamed to --workspace.


A configuration like this in v0.13.3 or before…

"entryFiles": ["src/index.ts"],
"projectFiles": ["src/**/*.ts", "!**/*.spec.ts"],
"dev": {
"entryFiles": ["src/index.ts", "src/**/*.spec.ts", "src/**/*.e2e.ts"],
"projectFiles": ["src/**/*.ts"]

…should become this for v1…

"entry": ["src/index.ts!"],
"project": ["src/**/*.ts!"]

Much cleaner, right? For some more details:

  • The dev property for the --dev flag is now the default mode.
  • Use --production to analyze only the entry and project files suffixed with !.
  • The glob patterns for both types of test files (*.spec.ts and *.e2e.ts) are no longer needed:
    • Regular test files like *.test.js and *.spec.ts etc. are automatically handled by Knip.
    • The *.e2e.ts files is configured with the Cypress or other plugin. Note that Cypress uses *.cy.ts for spec files, but this could be overridden like so:
"entry": "src/index.ts!",
"project": "src/**/*.ts!",
"cypress": {
"entry": "src/**/*.e2e.ts"

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