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Issue Types

Knip reports the following types of issues:

Unused filesUnable to find a reference to this filefiles
Unused dependenciesUnable to find a reference to this dependency🔧dependencies
Unused devDependenciesUnable to find a reference to this devDependency🔧dependencies
Referenced optional peerDependenciesOptional peer dependency is referenceddependencies
Unlisted dependenciesUsed dependencies not listed in package.jsonunlisted
Unlisted binariesBinaries from dependencies not listed in package.jsonbinaries
Unresolved importsUnable to resolve this (import) specifierunresolved
Unused exportsUnable to find a reference to this export🔧exports
Unused exported typesUnable to find a reference to this exported type🔧types
Exports in used namespaceNamespace with export is referenced, but not export itself🟠nsExports
Exported types in used namespaceNamespace with type is referenced, but not type itself🟠nsTypes
Unused exported enum membersUnable to find a reference to this enum memberenumMembers
Unused exported class membersUnable to find a reference to this class member🟠classMembers
Duplicate exportsThis is exported more than onceduplicates


🔧Auto-fixable issue types
🟠Not included by default (include with filters)


  • When an issue type has zero issues, it is not shown.
  • The devDependencies and optionalPeerDependencies are covered in a single key for all dependencies. In strict production mode, devDependencies are not included.
  • The types issue type includes enum, interface and type exports.

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